Previous Recordings

Previous recordings of the oral history of the Bundjalung people have been made under various projects.

  1. Language recordings. We will not deal with these here as language recording and sharing is an extensive project, and we are working on this material on another site. Much of this material is available through AISTSIS Mura library in Canberra.
  2. As occurred all around Australia, the Bundjulung people had children taken way who were considered "better" brought up in white society, for whatever reason. Unfortunately this was a policy carried out with no consultation with Aboriginal people and had dire consequences for these children, their grieving parents, and their descendants. Stolen Generations stories held at the National Library, which are from those in the Clarence River area, include the following recording that are accessible online:

The histories on this site show the importance of recording languages and stories, and setting up a processes which allows Aboriginal people to own, learn and control their stories in all languages, which is their culture. We hope sites like this will encourage our people to learn and develop the knowledge to continue to share and develop their culture themselves, even when displaced and separated.