from Reference 11

'I refer to Our telephone conversation today regarding the Bundjalung language materials that you have used in your course.

'We are interested in initially; 'having a look at the materials which you have available, with a view to considering this language for teaching in schools 'where there are Aboriginal students.

'As you are probably aware, Bundjalung is the nearest living coastal language to Victoria, the Victorian languages having become almost extinct.

'The purpose is to make Aboriginal people aware of their linguistic heritage and to enable non-Aborigine s to become familiar with the complexity of these languages which had long been denigrated by their ancestors. It is also hoped that the teaching of the Bundjalung language in Victoria will stimulate and help revive interest in the language in Northern N.S.W. and so ensure its survival into the future.

'It would be appreciated therefore you would kindly forward us a duplicate of the materials available, for perusal. An invoice for the costs should be made out to - Centre for Research into Aboriginal Affairs, Monash University.

'Your early attention to this would be appreciated, as our submissions for funding for the project close within 4 weeks.

Yours sincerely

C.]. Bourke


Centre for Research into Aboriginal Affairs.

Monash University