Labour Required

THE CLARENCE AND RICHMOND. (1861, February 12). The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843-1893), p. 3.

We perceive by the report in the Herald that there are a great many persons out of employment In Sydney, both laborers and mechanics, and a list has been published ex- hibiting the names, occupations, and time out of employment. The Government have frequently spent money in giving passages to deserving people; and there are amongst the list of unem- ployed several who would find no difficulty in procuring reason- able wages on the Clarence, if they were on the spot. The expense of sending to Sydney for servants is a consideration, as no certainty exists of their being suitable for the occupation they have undertaken. Let the Government give passages to a few weekly, as an experiment, and we have no doubt they will find a good market for their labour.