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Land Ownership if always elusive

Economy of the Settlement

The Aboriginal economy was one based on trade, with knowledge as the main currency. The new settlers brought their own economy, and many of the early invaders were very wealthy, as they had to finance all expeditions to the area. However, the economy was altered with the lack of finance of later settlers balanced by the 'untapped wealth' of the land.

Aboriginal people were initially not involved in the economy, and relied on hand-outs such as Rations on Queen's Jubilee and Request for tools. Employment in the communities has always been low eg Employment in Baryugil 1984.

At the same time immigration to the region was encouraged for many years for the purposes of filling employment in the area Labour Required

Training for Aboriginal people in horticulture, and other industries, has occurred since settlement. For example the Farm Management course started in 1979 and School Gardens.

There were many reasons that Aboriginal people's labour has not been included in the economic development of the region. Some are political, such as the Queensland Sugar Industry, so change regularly. Others are more ongoing effects, as described in the Study of history of Aboriginal Economy

At the same time, much of the Aboriginal people's wealth, the land, was a vital part of the economy. As in Terania Logging and Logging Extract

Where Aboriginal people were employed in the industries that use the produce of their land, this often had severe health consequences, such as the Mining of country and ABC Report