Aboriginal Jubilee

1887, Tuesday June 28. Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser (Grafton, NSW: 1859-1889), p2

THE aboriginals of this and the Richmond districts were individually allotted a small tribute to cole-' brate tho jubilee of her Majesty's reign. The dole consisted of 3lbs. flour, 1lb sugar, 1lb currants, 1/2lb raisins, and 1/2lb of suet to each, the composition for a "duff.". At Grafton 10 or 50, came forward to receive the gift and the infirm ones were the recipients of a suit, or portion of a suit, of clothes each. A small allowance of tobacco was also donated to each. At the several stations similar distribution was made. We think that a more liberal allowance of ration should have been given, and clothing would also be of more permanent benefit to them than a bestowal of ingredients that they cannot do anything with but waste. Some departmental correspondence took place a short time since on this subject, and it was suggested that with the sum of money it was stated was available, a weeks rations of flour should be awarded. This would have been a little nearer the mark than the insignificant dole now bestowed. But on the matter being referred to the Aborigines Protection Board they recommended the course that has just been adopted.