Clarence River History

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This is a Clarence River History site, the prototype website for uploaded text, graphical and audio visual material relating to local history. This site covers various themes as experienced by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, using material from library books, newspaper, journals, diary and audio resources.

Collecting history from an Aboriginal view point requires collecting the stories, however these stories often belong to specific people, carrying the knowledge they are responsible for. To help record and retain this history we have worked with two focuses. Firstly we have asked people from the area to look at the material on the site and add their comments on these public stories. Secondly we have asked people to record in a group so they can collect a common story that has been made for public sharing.

Bundjalung Region

The topics on this site are:

These themes are relevant both to the Aboriginal population suffering the effects of colonisation and forced removal, as well as the non-Aboriginal population who moved into a new environment and changed their lives to deal with the new situation.

See the Reference Page for sources.